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At Agility Alchemist, we exist to bring you and your business ways to transform and to grow. To do this we will build and flex your retail technology offering and business processes to make you competitive. We will start by looking at the world you’re in, and then set you up to get a much bigger slice of your pie (pie flavour optional).

After reviewing your business needs and really wants but don’t know how’s, we’ll work with you to understand the real potential and get you there painlessly. Maybe you’re full of ideas for how to make your business grow, or you need some market inspiration to make your business pop. Either way, we will look beneath the surface and deliver you insights telling the story of your business, as it is and how it can be.

We can work with you along the whole journey (woo hoo road trip!) From discovery, to implementation and change management, or you can cherry pick the services you need. Once we get started, you’ll soon be on your way to transforming your digital merchandising into retail gold.

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Website Health Check

It’s easy as to get carried away in the day to day of doing business, but sometimes you need to stop and check where you’re up to and compare it to what’s on the market. By auditing your site, we can share with you a detailed report of everything on your site, so that you can assess what your current baseline offering is as well as comparing its performance to competitors. Then you’ll be informed and ready to take your business to the next step.

Market Barometer

Sometimes you know what you want, you might have seen someone else do something really well, but you’re just not sure how you can get there. We can help with that. Other folks might spend weeks going through a lengthy discovery process with you, but we want to enable you to simply say ‘I want this’ without the need for that process. We’ll pull together AS IS requirements for your site or for your competitors site and show you what you need to do to get to where you want to go next.

Level Up

Once you know what you want to do, and where you want your business to go we can help you to create it, research it, and make it work. We’ll work with you to establish what success looks like and then how you get there with a detailed CATWOE and gap analysis. You might be looking to take your site onto a new platform, or you might be keeping it as is but just adding increased customisation to one part of your site. No matter how small or large your vision is, we will work with you to deliver it.

Workflow Toolkit

There are times a job needs doing, but you don’t need to hire someone full-time to do the job. Developing and implementing bespoke workflows is one of those times. It’s something you absolutely need to implement, be it through your site or though ours, but through Agility Alchemist it’s a case of getting it set up and working without over thinking the process and time it needs. We will configure your Atlassian toolset, using tools including JIRA, Trello and Confluence to empower your business to operate with the right workflows for you and your teams.

RFP Solutions

At Agility Alchemist, we don’t have favourites – which is great because it means we’re not bound by ‘you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours’ relationships with any service providers, and will offer unbiased advice tailored to your specific business needs. And because we’re working with a huge spectrum of different service providers, we have up-to-date information across the board to build you an informed capability matrix to find what you need quickly. We will workshop with you to get to that initial longlist of providers, then the shortlist, and then we will develop your RFP and get it in front of our contacts at your preferred providers.

The added benefit of working with us is absolute discretion if you are keen to explore new providers without your current providers needing to know. Once we have a consolidated response from your shortlist, we will present these back to you to help you pinpoint the right provider for you. It can be as top secret as you need it to be.

Business Transformation

There are several reasons you might need to transform your business structure. If you haven’t had a team before you might not have the right team structure in place, or perhaps you need to scale-up to support new initiatives, or to onboard your teams to business changes. Working together, you will complete a RACI matrix and determine what the structure of your team should be, what each person should and could be doing and what systems should underpin your business. We will work with you to develop KPI mapping to your business – focusing on engagement not on redundancy, and help you to take your teams on the journey with you, to ensure that your tech projects land successfully.

Hosting and Website Management

When it comes to hosting, we can help you in many ways. We can host your site for you, or we can handle website migration for you – from one platform to another, or from one hosting partner to another. We offer domain management; purchasing of domains and moving them into one portfolio or creating your domain email addresses. We can also apply SSL for you, so that you can have the SSL certificate on your site. Essentially all of the stuff that needs doing, instead of hiring someone to manage it full-time, we will deliver and manage it for you as needed.

SEM and Ad Management

To drive awareness of your business and traffic to your site, it’s key to get search engine marketing, and ad management throughout search engines and across social media channels right. We can run these ad words, and paid social campaigns for you so that it’s not a sap on your teams time, and can be quick to market because we’re old hats at it. Easy peasy.

Responsive Emails

People check their emails at different times and on different devices. Their laptop when at their desk, or their phone when on the go. So it’s really important to have a responsive newsletter so that your communications work across all platforms and are super engaging to receive. We can help you nail this in a number of ways – we can create you a responsive template and guideline for marketing or transactional emails, create your weekly/ monthly newsletters, and can manage the entire sending and optimisation of the emails.

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If you have a project or a business problem you think we can help with, or have any questions about the company, we’re here to help. Please, send us your enquiry and contact details using the form below.

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